Installing New Vent Through Metal Roof

My efforts using search did not yield any useful information. I have an existing metal roof. I added a bathroom and need to run the exhaust fan through the metal roof. To make a long story short, the interior ceilings are all cathedral so there is no attic adjacent to the eaves, etc. My thought is to drill a hole through the roof, cut it to the appropriate size for the exhaust outlet and then install a roof vent on the outside. My concern is how to do this without creating a leak. Most applications talk about installing shingles over the flashing. That doesn’t apply, of course, with a metal roof. Can someone direct me to a product or instructions for this application? Thanks.

Poke around in my albums and see if there is anything that matches your issue.

What type of metal roof?
I would locate if from the roof and not the attic to make it easiest to flash according to your roof type/profile

[quote=“selfemployedslave”]What type of metal roof?
I would locate if from the roof and not the attic to make it easiest to flash according to your roof type/profile[/quote]

I don’t know enough to tell you what kind of metal roof. I do know it was installed in sheets and has raised ridges every 5 feet or so. I will locate it from the roof side to ensure the flashing doesn’t overlap a ridge. My concern is really how to do this in a way that ensures the vent will be waterproof. Thanks.

Post a picture so we can see what it is your working on please.

Here is a URL to a picture of the roof. I intend to install the roof vent in the roof section to the right of the section where the plumbing vent is located. By the way, this is the side of the roof that gets the heavy winter winds and rain. Due to the internal construction of the house I cannot locate the vent elsewhere. The debris seen on the roof are pine needles etc. that were blown there this past winter. They will be removed when I’m up there installing the new vent. Thanks again.

How’d this turn out for you? Just bought house in TN with similar roof. Current bathroom exhaust fans are dumping into crawlspace and want to exhaust through new roof penetration in 2 spots. Heard not to put it through soffits and make sure there is a 90° turn and insulate to reduce condenstion and drip back into fan. Did you just seal a boot on there and what did you cap vent with? Looks like rounded vent would work best. Not much info online, any advice helps.