Installing Rafter Baffles

My 1300sq/f bungalow has no baffles in place to keep the insulation from clogging the vented soffit. Which many are plugged at the moment. I’m planning on buying these baffles then unclogging the soffit and installing them in every bay. Rafter Baffle. I believe those should work nicely as I have to install these from inside the attic and being able to staple them to the sides sounds easier than to the underside. Is there anything I should be aware of? Any pro tips for getting into those tight spots?



Get a slap hammer, you’ll thank me for it.

What do you mean by stapling them to the sides instead of the the underside of the decking.


First be awear that you rafter spacing might not always fit the baffels, use a mask !! YOUR FACE IS GONNA BE RIGHT IN THE INSULATION! make sure there is about 2 inches from the undersides of the roof sheathing to the baffel. Lay across the bottom cord and try not rest any weight on the drywall ( if you have any) have a partner shining a light for you and passing you baffels. Take a break if you feel like your cramping up! Nothing worse then not being able to stop a muscle spaz! A stapler is a good idea you don’t need more then 4 . 2 in either cord and maybe 2 in the top plate to keep it from blowing around, the insulation is usually enough to keep it secure tho. to install the insulation.and

I am in the middle of adding rafter baffles from my attic down to my eve. I live in a development known as Levittown, in Levittown, PA. These homes were made for the GI’s coming home from the war, an inexpensive, well made home. Whom ever insulated my home, thinking back probably in the late 80’s, insulated the rafters up to the decking of the roof.(under side of the roof) This created an attic that could not be ventilated. I have crawl spaces that run the entire length of the house that are just above the eve;s, both front and back. My delema is the back space is now used to house my central A/C duck system- no way to get back there. I wish I had known of the attic situation before this project was even started. Now my only option is to cut out the dry wall from within the two bedrooms and make sure the rafter baffles from the attic come down and into this crawl space and to allow proper air flow up into the attic. My long story and point here, is just because you install the rafter baffles down into and inbetween the roof and insulation, it doesn’t mean your attic will be able to breath yet. Once the path is open, you will feel the warm air come up along the baffle, into the attic, and then out the ridge vent.

Also, if the insulation is deep enough, it will hold the baffles in place without any need to staple them to the rafter or decking. I may need to purchase some 8 foot ferring strips to slide down, turn on end, just to hold the created air pocket in place.