Installing Ridge Vent with wide Roof Ridge construction

Gearing up to install new roof shingles & noticed the Ridge is made with two 2 x 6’s. Can I still cut the Sheathing back far enough to allow breathing or is there a reason not to & I need to use Pot Vents?

Sounds like a No.
It is too wide.

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What did you end up doing? I have the same problem but my ridge is made out of three 2x6’s! Trying to find a solution.

Yes, you can cut the sheathing to allow for a ridge vent even with a wide roof ridge constructed from two 2x6 boards. This enables proper ventilation and helps prevent moisture. Please go to there, website is a more Information and services…

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With a ridge made of two 2x6 boards, a standard ridge vent might not fit well due to limited width. Opting for pot vents or individual roof vents would be a practical solution to ensure proper ventilation without compromising the ridge’s structure. Consulting a professional roofer will help determine the best choice for effective attic ventilation during your shingle installation.