Insulation question for siding

if we are going over existing siding with vinyl. waht is standard? 1/2 inch insulation?
if we rip all the old siding off,do we then put house wrap on first and then insulation? is house wrap only used on new houses? i would think since you are already tearing everything off you would put up house wrap and then 1/2 insulation over it?
if not,when is house wrap used?
thanks you

What type of siding are you going over? we will start there.

it would be vinyl going over wood.

house wrap can be done on remodels. insulation board is used for 2 things, insulation and to level out the wall if you are going over old siding. so, do you need more insulation…and do you need to level the wall.

  1. 1/2 insulation is used when going over existing wood siding with vinyl for a flat surface and for some insulation?
  2. if we have to rip the existing siding off whether its vinyl or wood,is 1/2 inch insulation enough or do we also use house wrap?
    3)on new construction,is house wrap and 1/2 insulation used or just wrap?

house wrap never hurts. new construction is housewrap only.

I have been told by a very reliable and informed construction manager that house wrap in some circumstances can encourage mold growth.
To avoid mold on exterior walls some builders use standard #15 felt for siding underlayment.
These are all high end builders in my experience.

Housewrap is standard, I do believe that it is required in Michigan to use housewrap on the gable ends also.