Insurance claim and contractor questions

Thanks to this forum and the expertise I have successfully selected a shingle manufacture and appropriate color etc., talked to roofing supply companies (very helpful); received my initial check from the insurance and provided the contractor with a copy of the insurance estimate (scope of work) for review for any potential need to supplement prior to start of work.

My first question does the contractor require the cover page (showing amount of payout)? My second question is at the end of the day the insurance company requires documentation of total cost of repairs- was just curious how the contractor aligns his costs with the insurance estimate?

If we were working together, you’d supply the entire scope of loss. I’d also take care of invoicing the insurance.

Thanks for the info. Makes sense, guess I am just making things more complicated than they are.

If you’re working with a contractor that is competent with insurance work, trust them, m they’ll walk you through it.

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