Insurance claim on bur roofing

Hey all! Got a question! We have a commercial flat roof we are hoping to make an insurance claim on. It has bubbled & created hard blisters also has heavy interior leaking. This will be our first insurance claim if able on a commercial flat roof. Basically looking for any information on how to get said roof approved, things to look for, things insurance is looking for, & the steps needed. We do plenty of claims on houses, but wanted to try to get this one through insurance some photos added no hail damage just asking for wind. In ohio

Wind doesnt affect this roof.
Unless you see the perimeter material peeled back.
Those blisters are normal to see on a hot mop gravel roof.
If it is leaking it is because it is wore out and probably over 30 years old.

Time to replace.
No wind damage seen!


Roof lover is correct and extremely knowledgeable. However I am very blunt about these issues. You are are an opportunist that makes our trade look bad. “First claim, how to get roof approved, things to look for, steps needed,wanted to get this one through, etc”. Any one of those statements would alert me that you were looking for something illegitimate. I thank God everyday that I don’t have to do business with people like you.


Put a chunk of tar in a jar with paint thinner in it, if it turns green it’s coal tar. Coal tar might raise the cost of tear off, depending on where you are. That roof laughs at hail, find some TPO or PVC…

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Tileman. You are so correct on so many ways, It would take me a day to explain what is happening to an honorable profession. I see so many 20yr old kids with wrapped roofing trucks, sporting 44" tires. They walk the neighborhoods telling people they have possible damage. Then they try to figure out what is damage. It’s a disservice to customers.

One thing to add, those old coal tar roofs gave me a tan and sunburn as a combo during my teenage summers.

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You are truly old school Rooferama, and I mean that as a big compliment. We have young men leave the company periodically to start their own business. I always tell them if they conduct themselves properly I will be a huge supporter of theirs;referrals, jobs we can’t get to, etc. It rarely happens that I end up helping them based on their business practices.

Hello all! Thank you for your time & help! I asked because I truly did not know. Bid & sold it retail. We don’t do much commercial so educating that based on what you guys said & reading lots of articles. Thank you for all your help. I am a young guy no doubt, but work for a well established residential company. Looking to branch into new ventures & figured I would turn to 20 years experienced roofers rather than reading & guessing.

I too agree opportunistic claim chasing has eroded this business but I also recognize my opinion is based on my dated world view and is no means a reflection of current values. When society changes, so do the values of those who participate in it because people conduct themselves and do business adaptively. Our aging values are sadly suited to outdated societal norms that will never return.

Our baseline for integrity will be seen as the baseline for stupidity in the near future. We are turning into “charming” relics.

If you make the mistake of underestimating an insurance company’s enthusiasm toward approving stupid claims … you’ll also underestimate the value surrounding stupid line items which can currently be deployed in Xactimate to boost profit.

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I have a question for you. 4/12 pitched concrete tile, do many companies put hot mopped modified under the tile? or is an SA underlayment fine. I’m asking for a family member replacing a concrete roof, espania, barrel

The hot mop I’ve seen tends to split under tile, not sure why. In my opinion a double layer of astm #30 with ice/water shield in valleys is the best. We weave our valleys on top of water shield so there is literally 4 layers of felt with ice/water underneath. We then use elevated battens so water can drain under system if it ever gets there, and use a 5 rib tile valley metal. I have heard that in very hot climates that don’t cool down at night; Vegas, Tuscon,Phoenix,etc. that felt burns up after time and a different underlayment is needed but not in our area. We rarely do tile installs anymore, mainly just repairs, and #30 felt on 30 year old roofs looks like it’s brand new.

Thank you. I am going to pass this on. This is southern Florida. Type 3 asphalt tends to crack within 10yrs on a roof with 2 layers of ply 4 and a cap sheet, thus we don’t hot mop in Texas anymore. What you say about heat under a tile roof makes good sense. I totally agree with raised battens. When we do a tile repair, which is very rare in Texas, that’s going to be the problem. Battens are holding a rats nest of debris, which rotted out the decking. That and rusted out galvanized flashing. Thanks for the tips.

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