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Finally got a chance to get to a computer, after being out with three different repair crews all week going from 7 to 7. Anyway after tarping off about 100 houses, I finally got a call from the first adjuster and he is telling me that the ins co will not pay for a match if the damage is just on one side. Shingles are missing on only 1 side on 90 percent of the jobs that i haved been on this week. My question is for some of the experienced professionals at dealing with insurance claims. How can you argue with the not paying for a match on houses with shingles missing on only one side statement? also How do you get your price from the adjusters who have a lower price than yourself? all input is greatly appreciated.

As to the “one slope” thing (I don’t know about others, but I have heard it referred to as “sloping” a house), this will vary depending on the insurance co. & the adjuster you meet with. No one answer will fit every situation.

It is my experience that provided you can show damage to @ least 50% or more, you’ve got a home run. In some situations, the adjuster will go ahead & give you the whole roof even if you have less than that figure, but you can’t guarantee it.

As to the ‘getting your price’, keep in mind that figures from insurers typically adjust once a quarter (every 3 months) & you can always request a parts supplemental. I do this by showing what you paid per unit price around the time that the adjustment was done OR when the lastest quarter rolled in & then submit what you ACTUALLY paid @ the time of repair… you should reasonably be entitled to this difference in parts, but that’s my opinion. On one large house here in Austin, I got as much as a $ 940.00 increase due to parts adjustments (The Hartford).

BTW, how are you handling the incrfeased business load; how backed up on total re-roofing do you think you might be? What cities are you mostly finding the calls coming in from?

I have a larger 4 building total re-roof on a flat roof apartment project that we’ll probably do in around 1 month; it’s near 290 & Loop 610.

yeah, I have experienced a 500% increase in business, almost everyone has damage, i have received about 300 calls for estimates and repairs. I have hired 2 more reliable, and insured sub crews to handle the extra work load. I am here in Cincinnati, and EVERYONE is swamped, I am turning down all calls from people other than previous customers and aquaintences. If anyone has no work this area has more work than all roofers can handle for at least the next year or two. Materials are going to be VERY hard to get a hold of, so I look for prices to skyrocket exponentionally!!!
I just hope the adjusters don’t start trying to pay for only one side of the roofs that have shingles blown off of them.

What kind of wind did you get???

The kind that blows? Hard… ?

[quote=“RanchHandRoofing”]The kind that blows? Hard… ?[/quote]

Nice, real nice… :smiley:

We got some 70 and 80 mph winds this year. The roofs I had in those areas with Landmark 30’s didn’t loose any shingles. Some of the houses with Timberlines lost several. The houses with New Horizons would have been really easy tear offs.