Insurance, Depreciation help

I just started doing insurance jobs and i have a question. I know the insurance holds out the recoverable depreciation upfront and you have to file after the job is complete. my question is on my invoice do i need to total all the cost plus the depreciation so i get it all back? or do i just file for my cost? if so will they hold the remaining depreciation or not pay the full total of it… hope this makes sense. thanks

If your invoice is less than the RCV, they won’t pay you the full amount of depreciation hold back. So in other words you may as well charge more. When I first got a insurance job, I ended up letting money walk away as I didn’t know any better. That was 15 months and about 120 claims ago, now I’ve caught on to some but still have much to learn…

Funny how your opinion may change after many of these. The first few I felt like a Rockstar, now I’ve realized it’s a lot more of a hassle doing insurance claims than you’d first think and need to send in supplements often to make up for the extra work involved when insurance

I’ve had some claims pay far more than I felt I should, I’ve been known to put gutter covers on a house for free just to make me sleep better at night, and then I’ve had others hang me out to dry…

ok thankyou that was the answer to my question!

Your invoice should be the same as your contact amount with the homeowner. Otherwise, it is insurance fraud.