Insurance/drip edge

How would you guys go after insurance adjuster says, Can you provide with the IRC codes from the county stating you need fascia to be solid to install drip edge and gutters, i was lost at first like it’s common sense to install drip edge and gutter to something solid especially if fascia is falling down and damaged. Or am I missing something ?

First, rather than basing your frustration on a verbal requirement, ask the adjuster to email you the request in a clearly worded statement. Either the adjuster miscommunicated, or you have misunderstood what was asked. Based on your statement, several things come to mind. Citing IRC code is not unreasonable and can be somewhat easily referenced as long you are clear on what you are looking for. Fascia is indeed solid if it is wood fascia, but is that the case with aluminum fascia? Does solid mean it is not a liquid or a gas or does it mean it is durable and can support weight? Drip edge can be installed when no fascia is present and is typically fastened through the wood decking and not through the fascia board. Same can be said about gutters hung on rafter ends where no wood fascia exists.

Your frustration is obvious and I can appreciate that. I have learned better questions yield better answers. Ask the adjuster to clarify the request and use direct reference to the aspect in question. If they are willing to do so, you’ll reciprocate their commitment by sourcing the exact reference they need. Everyone will win and there may be a beer in it for everyone afterwards.

Good luck!