Insurance drop for home owners

Insurers such as State Farm Insurance are offering discounts on homeowners’ premiums in 21 U.S. states for installing impact-resistant shingles.

CertainTeed Corp.: Landmarkâ„¢ TL IR

Landmarkâ„¢ TL IR complies with UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials, meeting the highest test rating for impact resistance. Engineered with a tough fiberglass scrim on its back surface for durability, homeowners who have the strong tri-laminate asphalt shingle installed may be eligible for insurance premium reductions depending on their insurers and location of their properties. Available in five color blends Landmark TL IR displays the timeless appearance of wood shakes on one of the thickest, most durable shingles available.

CertainTeed broke new ground in the roofing industry with the introduction of Centennial Slate™. Made possible by a sophisticated patent-pending shingle-cutting and granule-blending production process, Centennial Slate simulates the natural color variations of blended slate at a fraction of the cost. The shingle utilizes CertainTeed’s exclusive Super Shangle® construction with two full-size 18- by 36-inch base shingles, resulting in four layers of shingle protection and eight-inch exposure when applied. Centennial Slate is available in six colors including Black Granite, Country Slate, Fieldstone, New England Slate, Plymouth Rock and Smokey Quartz.

Grand Manor Shangle® is beautiful in form and function. With shingles available in earth tones and subtle hues, its design and shadow lines create a depth and dimension that mirror the natural appearance of wood or slate. Grand Manor is one of the heaviest asphalt shingles ever produced and comes with a 15-year algae-resistance warranty, 10-year SureStart protection and a 10-year warranty against winds up to 110 mph.

Camelotâ„¢ Premium Designer Shingles combine timeless beauty with uncompromising performance. Two ultra-thick layers combine with intricately crafted color blending that results in unparalleled dimensionality and stunning beauty. Camelot shingles feature a Super Heavyweight “Plusâ€

BTW, I’m the first vote and I voted for Certainteed. :slight_smile:

though I do like the OCs because of their great tar strip and also their AR line that is standard.

GAF here :wink:


I thought you didnt like the tarstrip (which I think isa little TOO agressive) because it can push water laterally in the valleys. :shock:

Aaron, true, that is a problem, but I do like it for high wind areas or a roof that has no valleys on it. If it was just a straight gable roof, I would probably go with the OCs. But since most roofs are more complicated than that, I will go with the Certainteeds.

I really do like the AR in the OCs also.

Certainteed peroid run with GAF when requested per contract. Notice ELK and IKO where left out. They are unknown to me so i dont speak of. IKO i know of, wont put on a dog house.

ELK was sticking around here in san diego a few years back, i guess you can say it made it to the top for a while with the fancy signiatured wrappers,today we all almost use GAF, my chihuahuas doghouse have ELK…they sleep outside :smiley:

Man thats a tough one. It’s a hard call between CertainTeed, GAF, and Owens Corning. The others don’t compete. Picking just one… sheesh. I like CertainTeed’s arc’s they are nice, Owens has the perfect cut edges so perfect but that seal is…well not so perfect, GAF they are just so versitile. I think GAF would probably win in the long haul cause they are just right, not perfect but just right. I can’t vote for just one. Quite a good poll got the brain crankin :shock:

                  Oh yeah LMAO about the IKO. That was good!