Insurance & Gutter [spikes]

Detach and reset of older gutters with spikes for attachment seems like it would be an issue. Pulling a nail out and sticking it back into the same hole?

Any thoughts?

If the existing gutter is installed using clamps, it shouldn’t be a problem but if it has spikes then they can be difficult to get out without damaging the gutter.

Also if its spikes and they were driven in low through the backside of the gutter this could create a leak problem when/if the gutters fill beyond the holes with water.

In addition to that, the cost of gutter materials is so friggin cheap why would anyone want to reinstall an old gutter?

Materials may be cheap but labor isn’t

Let me tighten up my question a tad…

When working with insurance, is the claim of needing to replace the gutters installed with spikes (vs. reset only) valid or common?

I would not feel confident in a detach/reset unless they were installed with screws… I am just looking for something more concrete than my opinion to an adjuster I suppose. TIA

To remove gutter spikes just use a pair of channel locks and twist as you pull they will come right out without damaging the gutter.

Yes, this argument will result in the payment of D&R of gutters if the gutters have not sustained any storm related damages.

“never paid for gutters on a roof job before, ( even when i was doing the work) If you need to, longer spikes are available too. I cannot agree on new gutters. The exception would be if you can show me where the statutes dictate gutter replacement due to removal of the spikes. I used to just add, in addition to the original spikes, other new spikes. FYI”

Response received. Covering d/r though.