Insurance jobs


i dont but it wouldnt hurt for you to call their regional offices,and offer your services w/ a resume of your experience—usually,i`m on the other side trying to get them to pay out the proper amt. to my customers :wink:

I’m with RG, I don’t do any insurance work, they never pay enough if you aren’t “in their pocket”. Some people make good money with them…some don’t. they like both.


Give me your e-mail address. I will hook you up with someone who will help you.

I like working for insurance companies except Allstate so far. Actually I feel Xactimates prices are excellent and I’d feel bad charging a homeowner those rates if he had to pay out of pocket. Unless it was a steep roof then I go with Xactimates prices.

I do as much insurance work as I need subbing from one of the top five insurance contractors in MN. They give me addresses I give them prices they pull the permit and pull in with the dump trailer and set up the shingle load. When I’m done the inspection occurs and I’m paid a month later, every time no issues ever. If the contractor I sub from doesn’t get paid on a job I still do.

Do a fair amount of insurance work from word of mouth and some through phone book advertising. Did a roof last Summer for an American Family agent who I quickly brought all my insurance needs to. He scratches my back when roof calls come in. He does it the legal way, though. When a homeowner ask’s about a roofer he simply says, “I just had my roof done by this contractor here’s his card”.

Gotta job bid for an Allstate agent but do be totally honest I’d rather deal with Allstate as little as possible.

Chub is the best insurance company to deal with, they now only insure 1 million dollar plus homes.

I know a few guys who do extreemely well with insurance roofing, actually most of them would be considered millionairs. The 35 year old who runs RoofCo comes to mind. 24 roll off trucks with a couple hundred dumpsters. He subs directly from an insurance contractor in MN and they do no direct advertising whatesoever. Imagine his payroll! All of his roofers are from Mexico.