Insurance Payments

What other line items have you guys been successful at adding and being paid for by insurance companies? Obviously only if damages are present, but I would like to know when to ask for insurance payment and when to simply eat the cost of the repair because it needs to be done right generally speaking.

Thanks guys!

There are some good line items in this thread in case you missed it.

Im pretty new to the insurance game but does anyone know if the Canadian Insurance companies use it? I think Kage your in BC arent you? It seems like down south everyone uses and benefits from its capabilities, and I was thinking that I may be able to take advantage of being one of the view or only ones around here to use it.

havent done ins. jobs,just warranty ones on shingles.But i am curious…


Every insurance carrier has different guidelines, and each storm has its own guideline. What a carrier has done in lets say the Atlanta storm does not always mean they will do the same in the Denver storm.

State Farm for example has its own price list and does not use the xactimate issued prices â€Â

Mr Shingle is right!!

Every carrier is different and every storm is different. Add all the items you are going to need into the estimate and let the company tell you what they will and wont pay for. Just know going into it that some items might not get paid for. Like ridge shingles, I can think of far more companys that don’t allow for ridge shingles than companies that do. Drip edge is the same way.