Insurance questions

hey guys,
Full time firefighter with roofing experience. Used to roof full time. I do lotsa side jobs for friends and family. Was thinking about getting insured and licensed so that i can do this “legally” on my days off with a few of the guys. Wouldnt need to be super busy or competitive with bidding because this would be my part time job. most of the work im sure would be by word of mouth. was wondering what the average fees per year around the midwest would be. also i would stick to residental. strictly asphault shingling. Thanks for any help.

res. roofing general liability $8-25000 depends if your agent knows where to look. workmans comp is generally about 1/2 of your payroll (with the hidden fees). they will audit you, and even if you work by yourself and you do too much sales they will charge you a minumum somewhere around $12-25000. you have chosen the most expensive and cut throat side job there is. i would think it would be next to impossible for (sorry for a lack of better term)a part time “TRUNK SLAMMER” to be a legitamate company. if you want real answers ask an insurance agent. dont lie to them. and your most important tool you will need is a good accountant. 8 out of 10 roofers go out of business within 3 years. you can be the best roofer in the world…but if you cant run a business…i am always hiring :wink: