Insurance refused to send another adjuster out for 2nd inspection

I did a free roof inspection for an elderly couple a couple of weeks ago. I found lots of hail hits all over their roof. Hail hits ranging from the size of a dime to golf ball. I helped them file a claim. I stressed it was important that they call and have me there upon the adjuster’s assessment. They forgot. Adjuster said he saw hail on their siding but wasn’t going to approve the claim. (I just got the house across the street completely covered as it was very damaged) Long story short I told them to call and ask for a reinspection. Insurance is saying they won’t and that if the homeowner wants they can pay an ENGINEER to come inspect. Never in my 3 years of doing this have I run into this! Iowa Mutual Insurance in Iowa with 3 CAT dates since February in this town this year alone! Homeowner gave me the adjusters name and number but I need advice on how to handle this appropriately. Please help?

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First you are roofer not public adjuster you have no authority they know this you can go to the inspection but you can not represent the homeowner you are breaking the law felony what arguments would you use most the roofers on this site dont know there ass from hole wall about insurance i read there threads it make me laugh i talk to adjusters they know this hire pa there nothing you can due they dont have to deal with you

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I definitely have never had a homeowner ask me to call their adjuster for them about this. I definitely want to do everything according to following the laws. When I meet adjusters the homeowners request it. I am always kind and professional. I don’t have a homeowner file a claim unless there’s real damage and a CAT date. Different insurance require different damage. State Farm needs 6 hail hits/sq. Allstate needs 12 I recall. I understand how busy adjusters are therefore I don’t waste their time. I’m no expert but I will say that in the past 3 years I’ve never had a claim denied. I’ve been involved where half the roof got covered and then they send an engineer out (upon homeowner request not me) and the engineer covers the rest. I did not feel comfortable calling the homeowners adjuster as I did feel it was not my job. I’ve just never dealt with this before. That’s why I posted on here to get advice.

James I would put you on the list of people who “dont know there ass from hole wall”.


I agree. No punctuation at all shows his education level

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Yes my education is only high school but i am also licensed public adjuster unlike you i tell the facts you dont like it tough shit

They need a public adjuster. I’m in Illinois and in insurance hell. We have a PA and best thing you can ever do. The engineer they send holds a lot of weight but the report isn’t worth the paper its written on. Not one time did the engineer get on the roof to find out why it’s failing and the dates “we” supposedly gave them were in accurate and the date are documented by the emails we sent our insurance company. The report won’t be in favor of the policyholder. Unfortunately insurance companies have deeper pockets but there is the option of filing a complaint with your states department of insurance. They also have bad faith laws.

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James, you shouldn’t be telling people they don’t know “there” ass from a “hole wall” when you don’t know the proper usage of they’re, their and there. Fact is, there is plenty a knowledgeable contractor can “due”.

I work with home owners on a regular basis in the role of an advisor to assist them with their insurance claims. I am no where as experienced as some I know. However, I have had luck requesting that a supervisor review the file. Sending them additional pictures may be needed. In every case so far, they have agreed to a reinspect. Only once did I get close to recommending a public adjuster, arbitration, or appraisal.

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tell the homeowner to contact a public adjuster (not the company insurance adjuster).

9 month dead thread. Pretty sure situation is resolved by now