Insurance wants to flat rate roof per sq price

Have a particular Insurance company wanting to replace roofs all inclusive at 325 per square. Sounds doable if big run 4 pitch gable to gable ranches. Have this insurance company on 2 homes, both moderately cut up higher end homes. Other companies are using the normal exact o mate and paying me around 425 to 490 per square for simular horses.
I’ve broken down pricing to footages using the numbers form line items on other companies estimates to request a reasonable pay.
The adjuster never responds to me, just calls homeowners and tells them I’m the only guy who isn’t happy to take their 325 per square.
What can I do if these adjusters never contact me? These are from a hail storm in July, really don’t need the work but I do want it
I do expect more money for insurance jobs to make up for the hassle and time to get payouts. Bottom line is even if these where normal customer pay jobs with minimal paperwork/ no hassle I’d bid at 390 a sq and beat any other quality roofing contractor in the area

I would highly recommend getting the roof waste calculation. Just put it in the search on this site and follow the link. Its not free, but you’ll get you money back the first time you successfully use it.

It is spelled Xactimate. I would recommend, if you’re going to do insurance work, learn how to properly do insurance work. If not, give the Homeowner an estimate and tell them they need to get it approved if they want you to do the work. Have you sent in a detailed, line item estimate for this job? Or did you just say “I’m not doing this for less than $400 per square?” If the latter, I wouldn’t pay your price either.


Hah this reminds me of a time I ran into a small outfit out of Minnesota who wanted to pay 260 flat per square. I respectfully declined the work.