Insurance - Wood Shake Replacement with Stone Coated Steel

Does anyone out there have any experience in how to deal with insurance companies when it comes to replacing wood shake roofs with stone-coated steel?

My customer has given me his insurance paperwork detailing a settlement for wood shake replacement. The insurance wood shake replacement estimate is for $24K, and my stone-coated steel estimate is $28K.

In the past, I have had homeowners pay the additional cost out-of-pocket. Has anyone out there had any luck arguing to insurance companies that it is a similar product, and gotten them to pay for the additional costs?

In general, insurance will pay to replace the existing materials. If it is wood shake, they pay for wood shake. 25 year composition, they pay for 25 year composition. Any upgrades are the responsibility of the HO which certainly makes perfect sense.

I agree with AD.

Why is the Insurance buying a wood roof?

To justify the difference maybe not so much for the Insurance Company, but may be the Savings on Fire Insurance. Denver is out there where they get forest fires no? I heard California had outed wood shake roofs along with pitt bulls both a high liability for the Insurance Company.

Code upgrade perhaps?

Homeowners can’t get together $4,000… Sheez

I have never seen adjusters estimate that was accurate. You should supplement the file and get the insurance company to pay everything they owe. (Flashings, Code requirements, starter and ridge shingles, valleys, cricket, etc.) Then the customer can spend the money any way they see fit.

If it were me, I would negotiate or reach an agreed price with the insurance company. Then, I would present the options to the homeowner. If they choose to upgrade chances of having enough or more than enough money to complete the job are great.

If you are interested in some assistance please send me your contact info and a copy of the insurance estimate, I am sure I can find many items that have been left off of the estimate.

Good Luck

Alltex, I appreciate the offer. I am pretty good at supplementing claims, so I am not worried about that.

I had made all of the same assumptions that were stated above. The reason I was asking the question in the first place is because I was actually able to get an insurance company to pay for a Decra roof to replace a wood shake roof by chance earlier this year. A homeowner submitted my bid, and the insurance company approved it. This was done by a small insurance company on a very high end home where the homeowner had been a customer for a very long time.

I know that code in some municipalities here in CO are no longer allowing shake roofs to be put on. In that case I think I would have justification for proposing that an insurance company pay for a comparable replacement, even if that replacement is more expensive. The municipality regarding the claim above has no such restriction. Just wondering if anyone else had ever tried to make this happen.

Although I am probably going to get shot down, I am going to give it a shot. I will keep you all posted.

If you’ve supplemented properly and gotten all legit damage paid for, not likely the ins co has any obligation to pay for the upgrade. HO may want to compare pricing amongst different P&C ins companies and see who offers a deduction in premium for metal roofing and go with the better price. If a higher end home, Chubb is usually a good choice if available in your area. Or, go with a 50 year arch as an alternative that you should be able to do for the same price.

I can supplement the claim for a shake roof replacement based on what would be required by local building code for a shake roof replacement. However, some components required for a shake roof are not required for a stone coated steel roof. (e.g. granulated base sheet, 30# underlayment interspersement)

I just want to get all of your opinions on whether doing this is even legal. I am technically going to supplement for a bunch of code upgrade items that do not even apply to the roof I will be putting on.