Insurance Work and False Damage Assessments

I am in the Beaumont, South East Texas area. Hurricane Rita came into the area for seven hours and brought 100mph wind, stronger gusts, etc.

Both Allstate / State Farm claimed that two common forms of wind damage was not real damage to composition shingles. After twelve wind, hail, and hurricane catastrophes, I know they know better.

  1. After a storm, have you all ever seen how the outer granular component on composition shingles has been blasted off by wind borne micro debris like sand, small pebbles, twigs, etc? Have you ever seen them blasted all the way down to the fiberglass mat?

  2. Have you all ever seen partially or completely wind lifted shingles that won’t reseal months after a storm because of the tar sealant bonds being covered with micro debris?

  3. What part of the U.S. have you seen such damage, and how did AS and SF handle the damage?

Don’t know what hurricane damage does to shingles but have seen sereral roofs damaged by 60-100 mph wind.

Most commonly the fiberglass shingles especially three tabs will break off at the face while the organic shingles will come completely off pulling nails and staples out of the decking.

Recently most insurance companies have totaled roofs with four or more missing shingles.

This Spring had a State Farm job covered after two tabs folded back in the wind. This Summer have done a couple wind jobs for State Farm with less than four missing shingles.

I don’t like Allstate and try to stay away from all home owners who say their name. After a supervisor told me they could find a crew that could do a better job than me for way less I lost all interest in the company. Are you in good hands? Yes, with American Family!!!