Internal gutter problem

We had a new roof with internal gutters installed recently and I think there might be a problem…

Most of the torch down work seems to have adhered to the plywood underneath it, but there are large area’s that seems to be “floating”. By floating I mean I can push down on the torch down surface anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 an inch before it contacts the plywood underneath. Is that normal?

If it’s important… They did all the torch down work in the rain, and it had been raining for days before the work was started.


not normal.poor installation. a base sheet is required on the plywood

By base sheet, do you mean some kind of fiberglass sheet between the plywood and torch down material? What is it’s purpose?

to keep you from having to remove the substrate(plywood)the next time you replace the roof.and as a fire barrier during installation

The areas you described would have been caused by the material having trapped moisture underneath it. Due to the installation over wet substrate. Sorry to hear that. :cry: