Internet lead providers

I’d be interested in getting feedback from other real roofers about internet lead providers.

What’s the actual percentage of leads received vs. appointments set?

What’s the actual percent of leads vs. sales closed?

What’s the actual marketing costs (for all leads) for contractors per sale?

If there were a cost-effective option available for setting appointments for leads received from these services, would contractors use it?

I only have experience with Service Magic and it was a complete waste of time. I understand that it is on me to close the sale but I don’t have problem closing sales I got from my own networking and most of the leads I got from them said no thank you before I even had a chance.

I have only ever used Service Magic as well and it was a nightmare. I think out of all the crap leads I got I actually got two that were not a waste of time. After that run in, I did not put too much effort into any internet lead sites.

Service Magic was for me a complete waste of time & money. I put them on a very short leash from the start. When they gave us a lead we called the customer within the hour, we were able to set zero appointments. Some of the leads had already signed a contract with someone, others already had 5 or 6 proposals, it was always something.

Lead services are worthless…In any industry. Contractors open shop and expect business just to show up. You should be spending between 5-8% of your entire sales volume on marketing your company and growing your business. More aggressive companies will spend more. Lead services have as much integrity as credit repair companies. Market your business and get your own leads. Just my opinion.

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