Invoice to Insurance company for claim

I finished a roofing job for a customer with insurance claim, and I’m not sure how to finish the final invoice needed to recover all the money for the job. The insurance company used Xactimate for the line item list sent to the customer. Do I need Xactimate to finish my invoice to them?

No, you do not need to use exactimate. In order to receive the depreciated amount(final check) you need to simply have completed the scope of the depreciated items at full replacement cost with in the time limit. In simpler terms, send the final invoice to the adjuster or home owner and have them send it to the adjuster stating that all depreciated items have been replaced according to the scope. I use a line in my invoice granting permission to get paid directly from the insurance company. You can try something like that, otherwise it will come to the home owner with the mortgage company’s name on it.

Also I’m sure you probably did that job for pennies based on your question, however, it’s not too late to supplement. There are many threads here about supplementing, and once again you do not need xactimate. Supervisor time? Clean up? Permit? Reinspection? Added scope detail? Short material? Height charge? Double layers? Steep? Drip edge? The list goes on. Don’t be a victim and let the bully take your money

Hey Chicago, Thanks for all the great information. Do you get the insurance company to send you checks? Do you have to get the permission from home owner to make this happen? How much time do I have to send in my invoice?

The home owner would need to authorize direct payment from insurance. This statement would need to be signed. The easiest way is to include the authorization statement above the signature on your invoice. I never push the issue, wherever it gets sent, I’ll receive it. I dont remember the time limit, I believe 2 years from date of loss, might only be 1 year.

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