IR shingle choice (+ pricing) in north Tx

First-time poster, but long-time reader.

Homeownr in DFW-area here in Texas, getting roof repared under insurance for hail damage. Insurance will pay for same roof I have now-GAF Timberline shingles. Im paying roofer extra to upgrade to impact resist shingles.

These are the five IR shingles on my list, based only on color (not happy with colors of GAF or Atlas IR shingles):

  CertainTeed Landmark Solaris Gold IR
  CertainTeed Landmark IR
  Malarkey Ecoasis Premium
  Malarkey Legacy Scotchguard
  Owens-Corning Duration Weatherguard HP

Two of these (Solaris Gold IR and Ecoasis Premium) also brag about “Energy-Star” ratings. Any thoughts on that?

Ive read that its better to have a good roofer than to worry about shingle. Even so, do you folks have suggestions on shingles listed above?

Finally, how much do you think a good roofer should charge as an upgrade from GAF Timberline, paid for by insurance, to each of above? Roof requires 20 squares.

Thanks for all your help.

All of the shingles you mentioned are good shingles. Virtually all light colored shingles are Energy Star rated shingles. In Texas, I would consider color when trying to keep your home cool during the summer. A good place to check out the reflectivity and emissivity of a shingle is to go to the Cool Roof Rating Council web site.

Do you really need to upgrade? If your insurance company is covering you for the GAF shingle, why not use it again and file another claim if necessary? Having a good roofing contractor is ALWAYS the best way to insure long term performance. Check them out and ask for job references.

Thanks for yuour response.

Reason to upgrade to IR is that Im guessing the diff in price is less than my deductible (when, not if, hail comes down hard again). Yes, my dedutcible is high (1% at $4k), but that saves some $$ on cost.

Anyone have an estimate on price differrenses between the “free” Timberline shingles and the IR upgrades above for 20-sq roof ?