Is a hipped roof stronger than a gabeled roof

which style roof will hold a heavier snow load if they are both framed with rafters 16" centers 2 x 6’s ? Also what would be a good way to beef up my carport roof. It is like a 3/12 pitch about 10 ft out from the house 24 ft long. I looks like 2x4 rafters 16" centers I cannot believe this will hold much of the heavy snow we get, whacha think. I will have to remove the vinyl celeing to do the beef up.

A properly framed roof will hold a sickening amount of weight, whether it is a hip or gable roof.
Properly framed houses don’t cave in under snow load.
A hip roof will distribute weight better than a gable roof but it is a minor difference.
I personally like the looks of a hip roof.

ok, I wondered because my house was built in the late 50’s and its a 4/12 i believe and it is a hipped roof, the rafters are 2x6’s on 16" centers and the ridge board is a 2 x 8". There is one layer of shingles, so this should hold a good heavy snow ?? Now how about the carport, 2x 4’s on 16" centers the roof is attached under my 2ft overhang and is about a 3/12 pitch and is supported with 4 x 4 posts cemented in the ground about 3 ft. The port is about 22 ft long and there is about 8 ft sticking out past the house overhang. How could I stiffen that up besides Viagara ? Or do you think this is sufficent to leave the snow if we are gone for the winter ??

It will take a lot of snow to cause your carport to cave in.
If it was built to code it should be fine.
Is the carport as old as the house?
If it is, it has probably already survived more snow load than it is likely to see normally.

This roof is better in high wind as it’s got a more streamlined design. Consequently, you’ll find more of these in coastal areas. It also lessens the amount of siding needed (what’s better: shingles every 25 years or so or painting every 10 - 15?)

This roof is a bit easier to build & has a more “traditional” look. It also goes up faster than a hip roof.

When we build on our 19 acres, I’m going with a gabled roof. While I’m going with metal, if you did install shingles & want the shingle shield product (goes under the ridge cap & rinses 99.75% zinc down the roof) then you don’t want a hip roof unless you will be OK with the zinc strips running down the hips on both sides.

carport is only about 18 yrs old put on many years after house was built. Previous owner shovled off roof, i would rather not do that if its strong enough ???

A few years ago I got a call from a guy who needed a roofer for his house. Very high winds took the 12sq 5/12 hip roof right off the top of the wall and spun it around. The section hit the edge of the roof below it before it landed in the back yard. It rained and all three levels were shot.

The framers started on the top of the second floor and put on a gable roof. The house was only 20 years old and not one tab had blown off the other 20sq’s of roofing.

Not saying a gable roof is stronger but this wind damage made me think twice about hip roofs.