Is Builders Lic. required in MI for roofing?

want to know if licensing is required for simple tear-offs/installs. Obviously, if a change to the structure is made… different story I’m sure. Appreciate the input ppl. thanx.

Yes you do.

Yes they aer required but it seems that 6 out of 10 companies working doing roofing don’t have them. Those are the hacks !!

Thank you guys… second question… would you know how stringent the “Department” is with their requirements for recieving the license? Such as, criminal history, credit check… is there a time period buffer they consider satisfactory for a person to say “okay, this person has cleaned up his act”? Once again, appreciate the responses.

You’re making me wonder if your some type of criminal or something with your question.

Takes about 3-4 weeks as long as everything is in order.

What part of MI are you from ?

Jackson area… that’s where the prison is right?

I am not sure but in WA you need to be a registered general or specialty contractor having a business license, insurance, and bond which will allow to register as a gc or sc. I’m taking over the forums!!! Just kidding. Have time in between jobs I guess. Looking at a lot of shake roofs right now.