Is Cricket replacement needed when reroofing

When my roof was recently replaced, the crew removed and did not replace a cricket that had been there on one side of the wood siding encased chimney. When I questioned the contractor, he said he would come and replace it but when he did the work he cut out some of the siding and allegedly some shingles, installed a ‘pan flashing’ then replaced wood and shingles. He said this was fine and that a cricket would just separate from siding and leak over time. Is this right or was he just taking a short-cut?

the code in my state is anything over 30" has to have a cricket.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I assume you mean if the run along the chimney is 30 inches.I’ll need to measure. I’m in New Jersey but I guess codes are similar.

Is it the backside of the chase or is it a side wall cricket?

they tore the cricket out completely, and didnt replace it?

thats BS, make them put a new cricket in there. Code here is the same, any chimney that has a width of 30" or more, and does not intersect with the ridgeline, must have a cricket installed.

I’m not quite sure what that means. The house has two roof levels. The chimney is flush with the side wall of the upper story then enters through the lower roof about 18-24 inches down from the ridge of that roof. The cricket was between the adjoining wall and the upper side of the chimney.

Sounds like a sidewall cricket. If he replaced wood, seems like that would be the cricket and he installed a pan over that. A pic would help. If it looks ok and doesnt leakk, should be ok. Or the pan is the new cricket. I dont believe that code covers sidewall crickets.

The new wood are vertical pieces on the two faces where the chimney and house wall meet. The cricket that was there was a nearly horizontal piece over the valley that is now there. The new pan is under the roof shingles and its edges come up under the new wood just like flashing. Will try to post picture tomorrow.

a chimney that also abuts a sidewall needs a cricket even more other wise its a trap for water and debris.

a pic would help greatly

thankls for your interest-tried to add picture but it wouldn’t upload from my computer -will try again

Here are pictures. One is of house showing general position of chimney.
Other is the area repaired showing the new wood and shingles over pan flashing, and to the left, a dark area on the siding showing where i believe the cricket was originally.


He should have left the cricket in place, what you have there will work but is highly dependent upon how it was done.
More so in this situation.

snow trap…


If an insepctor crawls on your roof it won’t pass inspection.

Can’t understand why any roofer did that…

We add crickets to details half the size of that. On new construction over the years every spot like that had a cricket, even under a foot.

I think the 30in rule is a national code.

Yeah that spot needs a cricket. It will do nothing but hold moisture and if you are in a snow area it will cause your siding to stay soaked and eventually rot. since your roof is new i would make them come back out and replace that area with a metal cricket. Or build a wood one and shingle it. I would also highly recommend that you cut all your siding up an inch or so to keep water running down the roof from soaking up into your siding and rotting. That type of siding is notorious for rotting. I know this just from my mothers house having nothing but issues over the years.

Good luck


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