Is hole in plywood under shingles an issue?


Thank you for the help in advance. I hired some contractors to put my new roof in a couple of days ago and just now I noticed two there’s a 2" hole in the plywood under the shingles. Will that be a problem?

Not likely a problem.

I can’t tell if this is a hole in the roof deck or a hole in the installation. If it is in the plywood I would be curious as to what caused the hole. Is it wood rot? An over zealous roofer with Thor’s hammer? If it’s rot it will be a problem. If it’s not rot you could still see issues as heat will rise and find the easiest exit point. This could cause premature failure. If the roof is vented properly it probably won’t be a big issue. However, if you have a materials warranty this will likely void that warranty. Either way, this is not acceptable to me. the wood should have been replaced.

Not a problem if a nail didnt penetrate through it.

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