Is it 2 cold 2

I need to finish shingling my porch roof this Saturday. Its suppose to be in the 30 -40’s plus snow flurries. I’m installing Owens Corning 30 year architectural shingles. Will that be to cold to shingle?

Its never to cold to shingle. As long as you nail them properly they should be fine.

not to sound dumb…if my wife was here she would say i always sound dumb! LOL anyways what do u mean by nailing them proper??? iamb using a hammer i cant afford a nail gun.thanks

That would be proper! Make sure you drive the nail heads flush to top of shingle, and don’t drive the nails in at an angle. Also, make sure you install nails in the nail-line, along with all the other prep associated with roofing.

Go to the manufacturers website and download the installation instructions. The warranty will not be honored if they are installed differently.

They will look very strange until spring, then they’ll lay down good.

And 6 nail them,because they won’t seal til spring probably…

…an’ get yourself an Estwing straight claw or hatchet, don’t try and use a homeowners wooden handle jobbie…

Come on the hammer means nothing. I have had a meat cleaver (framing) hammer for years. USe whatever hammer you have sir.

old wise man said. " you would never make a dime waiting for perfect weather." suck it up.

Make sure you nail in the double laminate section. If you are installing the Duration line which is the only good Owens Corning line you will read the package and find out it’s ok to nail in the plastic stip above the double section, don’t. Right now being cold you will want that double thickness.

If your not convinced put four nails above the double section and four in the double section and grab the bottom of the shingle and lift up. This is what sold me on the importance to nail in the double.

They say you only have to nail in the double on very steep roofs but I do on all.

Please do yourself a huge favor and wait until it is nicer out. While the temperature is O.K.

It is no fun to roof in the snow. Wait until it is nice and sunny so you can focus and do a better job.

You may also need a compressor and a roofing gun, not to mention the know how to use it. It is much easier this way than doing it by hand.

Thanks guys for all the helpful replies. Its allot to digest, for a rookie!!! If it wasn’t for having 4 kids and a wife I would of paid somebody SMARTER to do it! NOT… When I’m outside working the wife leaves me alone! LOL I need to get it done this weekend. I put down rain & ice guard on the whole roof all ready. (it was free) Because I ripped of all the old rolled roofing off and need something to protect till this weekend! Can u make caps out of architectural shingles?
Thanks guys

You can, some guys don’t like to do it and if the pitch isn’t to tight then it’ll work.

what do u mean by 2 tight?
my porch is L shaped. (the big part) Actually it is kind of U shaped if that makes any sense to you? My pitch is 5 on 12 if that helps?

If you can, store the shingles indoors, in a heated area, and bring out each bundle as you need it.
If you work efficiently, they will stay fairly
flexible while you install them and will lay flat.
If they are frozen metrics like some of us have had to work with, frozen right out of the bundle and distorted, then you need to take your time.
How big of an area is it?
where are you located?
Take your time cutting in the last couple of courses
against the house, if you snap lines, or use gtape
you can cut them ahead inside and save your knuckles a lot of skin loss. The cheeks on the ends against the house, being woven into the existing flashing would be my main concern, considering that you said that you removed roll roofing, chances are, there isn’t any step flashing in place, and pan flashing with shingles is not something most of us would recommend in here, so plan on some wall/ roof detail work. You might be able to carefully slide step flashing under clapboard, but again, that detail leaves a lot to be desired, but will still work.