Is it normal to have scarring on some shingles?

I don’t know if it is scarring or what. It almost looks like mold. The tiles are brownish colored and they have gray areas. Normal or did I get some old shingles.


it may be the blend smudges usually turn up as black,like asphalt because you`ve gouged away the granules

Here are some of the bad ones. I find myself pulling at least 2 to 3 shingles out of every bundle that I don’t want to use. This will cost me a lot of extra money. Am I too picky.

I was going to bring a few of these to ABC Supply and see what they say. I am worried that they are going to say it is normal. Any suggestions.

Hmmm, looks like mildew maybe. I wouldn’t use those freaking things.

The guy seems hesitant to do a swap out. He said it is normal and was going to give me some fungus spray. I called the manufacturer and they said to stop installing them and asked me if I wanted to file a claim on the ones I installed. The manager of the distributor is supposed to come by and take a look today. I’m guessing he is just going to push these off on me. I’m not asking for a full refund. I just want the bundles I haven’t used swapped or a refund for those.

Thats isnt normal. What it is, I dont no. It is talcum maybe?

I was thinking it was either fiberglass powder or some kind of talcum to keep the shingles from sticking. When I look at it closer, it looks like fungus. I looked at another bundle from a different lot and non of them had it on them. I opened a claim with the manufacturer and they want me to send a sample for testing. He said he would give me $50 to $100 for the time it took to sort through the bad shingles. All I really want is a swap out.

I’m now worried that this fungus will grow under the unexposed area of the shingle on the part of the roof I already completed. The manufacture said they would give me a labor allowance to reinstall new shingles. I can’t believe the supply house manager won’t swap these. The manufacturer is telling them to. I’m going to ask for a full refund even for the shingles I installed. I’m not happy with their service at this point. I paid with a credit card so I can always dispute the charges. I think if I was a contractor he wouldn’t give me any problems.

Yeah id be kinda worried about that. You never know what the mold can do to your house. You should file a claim and let the roofers of whovere deal with this.
it sucks to hear about homeowners that get sticked by roofing companys. If it were my home id get re done or atleast inspected to make sure it wont damage the ply wood or the home. And make sure the rapars dont come out of your pocket. It should never come out of the customers pocket.
I just hope it aint anthrax

what brand is it and who is the supplier?

American Builders & Contractors Supply OC shingles

I might go over the managers head and call the Chief Operating Officer’s office directly. I can’t even install the shingles anymore. The manufacturer asked for all the numbers on the bundle wrapper. The also issued a stop job order when I filed the claim. I told them how many squares I completed. If I install more squares, their going to ask why I installed more if I filed a claim.

i dont get why ABC wont swap the unused bundles, if they think there is nothing wrong with them, then why wont he take them back?

I’m not a contractor so he thinks I have no clue of what I’m talking about. That is why I come here.

He came by the house and tried to say that there is nothing wrong. I then started to get angry and he started offering to swap it out. I just asked for a full refund. He said all shingles come this way and he sells thousands a day that have this fungus. I asked to see some of these in the back and he just showed me damaged shingles. I said where are the ones with fungus and he had no response.

that is horrible. shingles do not come that way!!! i guess its a good thing i dont use ABC because i loose my temper way too easily to deal with someone like that.

I talked to a vice president operations of the company and he said he installed some shingles like that once when he was younger. He said the sun killed the fungus. I told him I was worried about the unexposed area (overlap). I wouldn’t be able to tell if there is fungus growing under the shingle or the sheathing until it was too late. He just said that the shingles were probably stored improperly outside. He didn’t understand either why the manager wouldn’t swap them out. He said it was probably because he didn’t have them in stock. I placed another order today from a different distributor and have to wait 9 to 14 days for these new shingles. I’m pretty upset because all of my vacation days will have ended by then. I’ll have to shingle nights and weekends.

They are either idiots or liars…or both. Reminds me of a time I brought cat food back to the store because it had bugs in it. Guy says to me, “It’s just weevils.” and looks at me like I was stuid. That half inch of plexiglass saved his life that day. I settled for informing him that, “My cats don’t eat effing weevils. No give me my money back.”

Also a good bit of advice is always order the stuff that’s moving well. When I go into a diner I don’t order the shrimp because I know they aren’t selling much of it so that shrimps been in that freezer a damn long time. I get a burger or something I know they are kicking out a lot of so I know it’s fresh. Doesn’t sound like the Jerkwater General store is cranking out too many 50 year shingles, maybe.

not saying anybody is wrong, i see the whitish-grey and i think thats a smudge on camera lens.there seems to be a couple of black slashes (where granules are absent from)
its as if something was between shingles then compressed with ALOT of weight and made an impression.
How deep are slashes? thats the main concern .Bring to their they seperate themselves from shingles already applied?