Is it typical to load this much weight in shingles? Ceiling is cracking

Is this a normal amount of weight to load? The project manager says it may be too much weight on the truss and that the condo association will have to pay to fix it, but they still have them loaded like this and are on lunch?

What should i do? My ceiling has a crack that is getting bigger as they work

Advise the contractor and document everything.

The stack of 3 piles appearing directly behind the skylights likely has a concentrated weight of approximately 1750 lbs distributed over 3 truss sections. I would claim this is too much weight as the (best practices) rule is in our area is to never exceed 6 per stack. A truss connector plate slipping or even a truss cracking with that load may be the problem. Add a roofer or two walking around the stacked piles and you can expect to have another 300 to 400 lbs stressing those sections. A mathematical equation assesses the maximum structural load on truss sections based on materials used, span and slope as it does on truss connector plates where a “shear load” is established.

The responsibility might very well be directly with the entity contracted to load the roof.

Good luck, and as Darkthirty suggested, document everything.

Perfectly normal.
But if you have a cathedral ceiling,
Yes, an aggressive roof loader who didnt care how they were dropped could cause a crack.

Dont worry!
Its not going to get worse.
Its not going to fall in.

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The legal department would like that in writing please? :wink:

Did a tearoff in an upscale neighborhood. the whole upstairs ceiling fell. Insurance wanted to tag me with it. Upon closer inspection, the drywall was hung with smooth shank 6 penny nails, a lot of the tape joints weren’t even cracked. Homeowners insurance ate it.

Sounds about right!!
While we are on the subject,
I have come to the conclusion that old cathedral ceilings should NOT have drywall on them.
It should be wood or laminate/fake wood material.
Because it is easy for that ceiling to start failing.
Cracking, tape falling off, stains/ yellowing near the ridge. After time you can see the outline of many of the sheets.

If i was code enforcement, i’d outaw drywall cathedral ceilings on new houses.

I think the problem lies in the framing being too weak and flexible. Boardstock insulation is the only way to go.

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