Is Mule Hide TPO a Quality Membrane?

I received a bid for a flat roof using Mule Hide 0.06 TPO. Never heard of the brand for TPO, although I know they sell other roofing products.

Mule Hide is a private label brand for ABC Supply. ABC doesn’t make their own material. Carlisle SynTec makes the membrane for them. Nothing wrong with the product at all. Check the experience of the contractor first and find out how many jobs they have done with the material.

Thanks much donl. Good point about specific experience with this material, although the contractor is a very established local firm.

BTW, In my shopping I have noticed that many good roofers are not up to date on flat roofs. For example, you cannot get PVC for a residence from a contractor with appropriate experience without a HUGE price increase over TPO, so I am settling. Yet, the material price difference is not that great and the labor hours would be about the same.