Is my price estimate for a new roof on the ball?

Hello to all Roofing experts, your help is sought!

Our roof started leaking last night…

The house is a 1960’s triplex. The roof was last redone in 1989.
The size of the house if 30 feet x 52 feet, so about 1500 sq.ft.
It’s a flat roof, sorry no pictures to upload.

I was quoted a price of 12750$ CAN today (about 11500$ US) for completely re-doing the roof : removing the existing existing gravel and asphalt, raising the roof on three sides, installing 5 layers of asphalt, installing 5 new ventilators and re-doing the metal flashing on the side of the house.

I understand how difficult is it to estimate something you didn’t see…but
is the range of the price estimate correct? :?:

Any help or advice would be more than welcome!



Sounds to me like you have a flat roof. Aaron B and Cerebus would be the 2 guys here that can help. Im just a steep slope guy.

does not sound outta line to me.


somewheres in there.

Thanks guys for the quick reply!
Much appreciated!

Without knowing the going-rate for your area, I estimated it would be around $7/per sq. ft. for a 4-ply and that comes out to be $10,500. You were talking about a 5-ply system, so your estimate sounds about right to me.