Is Pabco Shadow Cap a Hip and Ridge Cap?

I am new to this forum, but I could use some help. I would like a hip and ridge (high definition) cap to go with the Pabco Shingles I am ordering. The supplier is telling me that the Pabco Premier doesn’t come with a hip and ridge, only a shadow cap, but online it appears to me that the Shadow Cap is a hip and ridge cap. Has anyone used the Pabco Shadow Cap? Does anyone know if this is a hip and ridge? Is it something else? You’d think the supplier would know, but he doesn’t.

Shadow cap ARE hip and ridge and matches well with premiers. They come in a flat sheet and perforated in 4 sections. you bend at the perforation to separate into individual pieces, then apply them at the ridge. Each piece have a shadow marker in the middle of the piece at the 5 5/8 inch mark.

If you asked for a high definition (it is a thicker more elaborate ridge shingle) It cost more and may not be designed or go well with standard premier shingles.

Thank you. So the shadow cap is a hip and ridge cap, but it’s not a high definition cap. I would prefer a high definition cap, so I need to ask the supplier if Pabco makes an HD cap that goes with the premier shingle.

If not, do you know whether the Pabco shadow cap-4 would be a more defined cap than a 3-tab cap cut by my roofer?

I’m not at all familiar with the brand, but with several brands I have used, we doubled the cap, and once we tripled the cap for HD.
Also note that the bottom/forward edges don’t have to line up together. I’ve done it with the lower protruding 1/2" to 3/4", and even reversed that.
We’d lay them out for the client to decide how they liked them best since they were the ones that would be looking at them for the next several years.

That’s helpful! I will look into this, since it seems that I can get the shadow ridge for Pabco for significantly less than an HD ridge for another brand. I actually spoke to Pabco today. They do not make an HD ridge at all, which is a disappointment because I like their premier 30-year architectural shingles better than the GAF-Timberline architectural HD shingles that I was looking at (the Pabco shingles are heavier). But GAF-Timberline makes an HD ridge to go with their HD shingles.

On a side note: As a lay person in the roofing area, I have been shocked at how difficult it is to research shingles and get concrete information on roofing products and the differences among them.

Thank you again for the feedback.

Thats because the suppliers and roofing contractors do more communication on matching product, colors, etc…than with non-contractors.

Now here is What you can do…go to your supplier and ask him (if you want the high def ridge) to help you match a different brand ridge shingle color to your pabco premier color.

Some come pretty close and may give you a unique look (like what you might see on your siding… light blue w/ a darker blue shade)

of course we all know you do not want to match the siding with similar colors, but a roof…you can get away with and will still look good!