Is plywood needed?

We recently had a new roof installed. On the quote it said they would install 1/2" CDX plywood. On inspection after the job was completed I noticed that no plywood had been installed. I was informed that because my roof was not a shake roof I did not require plywood. Is this true?

there are too many variables to answer this question. What year was the house built? can you take some pics from inside the attic?

Then you should have paid less for not using the plywood if it was in the contract. If they said it was shake than more than likely it was part of the contract.

were they supposed to sheet over planks? I always separate the quote for sheets,that way a customer knows what it may cost,worst case scenario. If it is not required it should be credited back .

The house was built in 1893. I have included two pictures, As you can see he did add furring strips between the slats, he added these to about 90% of the roof that I can tell. Item number 3 of the quote says “Install 1/2” CDX Plywood", nothing about 'If needed" which he now says was implied. They also trashed the inside of my attic beyond belief. They say they will clean it up but a lot of stuff has been ruined.

I suppose he has been paid in full too…If not I would not pay them until the attic is clean and they deduct a fair amount off the bill for skimping on the materials…

Pictures don’t seem to be uploading, I’ll try again.

He has not been paid in full yet. I stopped payment on the second half of the job

I would not pay a penny more until you are satisfied with the clean up,and difference from sheets to strips.Filler strips are a cheap and easy way to try to give a smooth deck. I would have sheeted over planks. Good luck w/that.


Let us see some pictures of the outside.

Here are some pictures of the outside

Sheeting would have been much better than filling in the gaps like they did.

It was not sheeted, you can see the underlayment between the gaps.

You should be refunded/credited more than just the cost of the sheeting also.

Can’t be fixed without doing it over from scratch.

Where are you located?
There is no ridge vent either, what else did they skip???

It sounds as if they did not follow their own contract specifications.

Filler bards are acceptable to “Some” Contractors and a much less costly method of solidifying the decking, but it should have been discussed and agreed to in writing for that major change from the written agreed upon scope of work.

The main pit-fall with using small 1" x 2" filler boards, is the lack of dimensional stability and reduced nail pull-out strength, with the additional potential for the skinny boards to be cracked when nailing them with the roofing nails.

The exterior, from that far away view, looks cleanly done, but as pointed out, the lack of installing a proper Ridge Ventilation system has me concerned, but then again, over 90% of all roofs installed omit the proper ventilation, which instantaneously voids the manufacturers limited warranty provisions.

What type and how many alternate vents did they install?

The attic debris is an automatic necessary evil that WILL occur with a tear-off on a skip sheathing deck structure and you should have either been made aware of the potential mess and had ample time to re-locate valuable interior contents, or had the clean up included as part of the scope of work. But, if it is not written in the contract, then it is not required to be done. Too bad for the short-sightedness on both of your parts for not addressing that obvious likely situation.

Bottom line: Contract stated plywood to be installed on top of the old decking boards and it was not.

How badly do you want it? He can be forced to make it right.


It is not the conventional way of doing it. How old is your roofer? Old roofers would have done it this way. Looks good from the outside. You should be okay.

The dirt in the attic. He should have told you about the dirt. We tell the customer everything needs to be covered. If they want us to cover it we will. This will save you the cost of us doing it. If they are elderly, we just figure it in.

Since he did not explain that to you. He needs to clean it up. He is taking care of it. So that is not an issue.

The plywood not being installed. He should not have had that written in the contract if he was not going to do it.

It may be an honest mistake. Him not being honest about that just leads to mistrust. Which you also know, otherwise you would not have posted this.

The cost of the sheeting in that he did not do needs to be subtracted. Then his labor and materials needs to be add for filling in the spaces. This would be very close to the same price.

That is why most of us would have just sheeted in the roof instead of the way this contractor did it.

Axiom, I can not see the underlayment.


Axiom, I can not see the underlayment.[/quote]

1st photo. 2nd filler board from the top.

Not a big deal, since the gap is so small now.


Thank you everyone for so much great info.

Hi Ed,

The only concern I see or do not see is the length of the nails. Do you see any nails?

to me it seems like an unusuall form of decking.
never seen 1x10 decking with 2 inch gaps like that.

roofer feels like filling the gaps with 1x2 is
fine and will save you money then im allrite with that.
cant imagine them charging to redeck and not doing it.


It looks to me like they didn’t cut the end of the strips so it could be nailed on a rafter , I seen several strips that ends in the middle between the rafters. I would worry about the end of the strip curling up over time, the ends have to be nailed on a rafter.

i was fixin to say good eye bush,
but i think that is metal or somthing making it look
like the 1x2s end in middle.

good eye anyway.