Is there a best type of roof vent?

Hi everyone-- I’m looking to get advice on the differences between eyebrow vs. O’Hagin vs. ridge vents.
I’ve got three bids from contractors each of whom suggest different vents. I’m looking to re-roof with Landmark TL. I have two gable vents, gable fan and two whirlibirds if that makes any difference. Each of the three contractors swears by their vent suggestion and says that theirs is the best. I’m confused and not being in the roofing business want to hear from you what you think. Is one vent superior to the others? BTW, no mention was made about blocking the gable vents. however, all of them suggested to take out the whirlibirds. I also have exterior wall vents all along the perimeter of my house at the attic level. My current roof is metal on top of shake.

I live in Santa Clara, California. Thanks in advance for your help!

In Northern Michigan ridgevents work the best and are the most common type of exhaust vent.

There are some buildings that benefit from different types of vents this is determined on a case by case basis.

Sometimes power vents are desirable.

It is extremely important that the intake vents are adequate and functioning correctly.
I prefer more intake than exhaust if achievable.

You will find that opinions will vary widely and this is something that we do not all agree on.