Is there any product I can apply over epdm?

Hey guys,

I have a flat roof that leaks, and I can’t find where. It is still adhered and I was wondering if there is any product I can apply directly over it. Like everyone, I’m looking for least expensive option. I only need about 8 years out of it, then garage will be torn down.

I had 1 contractor that said I could put self adhered bitumen cap sheet, no base needed. I’m leary of that, others say the epdm aren’t compatible.

If I install Osb over the epdm, do I need a base sheet, or can I do cap alone.

Lastly, are there any other products I’m overlooking?


I can help you to find a nice product for you. Please provide me specific requirement what do you want ?

Aside from putting patches all over the roof you can use:

Acrylic Elastomeric coating systems such as ER Systems single ply restoration system.
EPDM pressure sensitive cover sheet
Butyl patches such as Eternabond

DO NOT use asphaltic products on EPDM. Dumb idea and will cause total failure of the EPDM.

Your an idiot !!!

For the price of covering the whole thing in OSB then a cap sheet, you could hire a good roofer to come out and repair the needed areas, depending on the condition of the roof in the first place. A fully adhered EPDM is fairly easy to find and repair if you experienced with it.

You could OSB and Cap sheet it, that doesn’t mean you should. If there is little to no slope it wont work at least for very long.

You could install a cover board and mechanically attach a EPDM or TPO and it would roughly be the same price as OSB and a Cap sheet. It will work a ton better, and will last if done properly the whole 8 years +.

Of course this is dependent on a number of things. one being how many existing layers the roof has. It may not be “legal” to go over the existing with anything.

Oh and no if it comes in a bucket it will not find/fix/solve your existing leaking roof.

Good to know about the bucket. I’ve already installed metal flashing around the walls, over the turn bar on the wall, and folded so it extends about 8" over the roof. I mechanically fastened flashing to the brick and caulked it as well. I’ve yet to finish the corners, and i suspect thats where its coming in from. Thank you very much for the heads up on the asphalt being a no no.

There are no other layers as it was a tear off roughly 20 years ago, I’ve been in the house for 15. It gets no foot traffic if that helps in choosing a product. I will look into the suggestions and price them all out.

Thanks guys.