Is this a bad metal roof installation? Help?

Insurance paid to replace our roof. The shingled part looks great. The metal roofing of our front porch, however, looks bad. I just did a walkthrough with the roofing contractor and raised the issues we have with the roof. The numbers match the pictures below and I’ll include what the contractor said.

  1. The end of the ridge cover is the most visible part of the roof and it looks like it was fashioned by a drunk with tin snips. He said he’d take care of it.
  2. All of the kickouts seem to be made of jagged pieces of scrap metal. Near this one, one roof panel seems to be laid atop another, instead of being a single, continuous panel. He says he’ll “check with his guy.”
  3. I didn’t know enough about metal roofs to ask him about this, but does this look like it’s supposed to? Is it the way you’d connect two sections of metal roof? (I tried to look it up online, but didn’t really know what to look up.)
  4. The ridge cover sits flush against the panels on the left, but a gap opens up to the right. It’s like this along the length of the ridge, the gap growing and shrinking. (You can also see it in picture 5.) He says it’s the imperfect nature of the wooden decking. I reminded him that he put in the decking. He said, “Yeah, but the rafters under that are also wood and imperfect.”
  5. The ends of the standing seams all along the front of the porch all look different. Seriously, it is very noticeable that no two are alike. He says they’re “hand done.” But it looks ragged and terrible when you’re approaching the front door.
  6. This is very noticeable from the street. I thought it might be an optical illusion, so I drew the red line across the picture to confirm that I wasn’t seeing things. The top of the porch visibly sags in the middle (or it rises on both ends). The old roof didn’t do that. He says, “We just followed the imperfect stone and wood that was there. You’re just noticing it so much because the old roof was dirty and the new roof is shiny.”
    I would sincerely appreciate whatever insights y’all can provide to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. I’m thinking about finding a metal roofing expert to come out and give it an inspection, but I don’t want to look like a fool. Thanks for whatever you can tell me.

I dont see anything that would make it leak from the roofer.

The design from the builder is horrible.
So hopefully the roofer was able to make some thing water-tight out of this.

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Why did you put that ugly silver metal roof on your house to begin with?

:laughing:. We didn’t. That’s how it was built.

So, we shouldn’t expect an attractive installation? Is leakproof and good looking too much to ask?