Is This a good roofing job?

I hired a crew to put on my roof for the addition which I built from teh ground up this summer. I laid all of the tar paper and ICE shield, so I know that is installed correctly.

The problem is, they are getting a little sloppy on the shingle placement. The reveals are not even. Some are slightly high, some are slighly low. You can’t see it from the ground because its high and 3D shingles, but looking close its sloppy. Will this void the warranty or cause a leak. The reveal is off by no more than 1/4", but it is off. I don’t understand why they can’t just stay on the line???

Also, they didn’t step flash the side of the dormers. They bent a piece of flashing in an L shape the legnth of the dormer wall, and nailed it. Is this OK? I put ICE Shield from the roof to the dormer wall, and they put the metal flashing on this. I thought they should have step flashed that. Is there another way to do it.

Other than that, I found 4 exposed nails which they will repair, and three shingles are scuffed. Not too bad of a job, but it could be much nicer.

If the guys would have used G-Tape, you would have had a perfect looking roof!!!


thats real help.

so , hello jay may,

i know your sayin ice and water sheild but it sounds like ya got a florida roof.
roofer mite be from florida.

a 1/4" is not much in roofin, as long as the whole run is strait.
my shingles will move around the line as im runnin em. a little high here,
a little low there.

the 4x6 flashing is normal also were im at.
once you learn you can make it watertight without step flashin it.
well, you stop step flashin it.

as far as low nails, if ya cant see some low nails then you have to many high nails. which in my opinion is alot worse.

all my shingle jobs have low nails.

didnt know what you meant by reveals.

good luck.


How does it look compared to this?


( and step flashing is always better ) :smiley:

That roof sucks dennis! Perfectly straight lines and no “Budweiser courses,” what’s up with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

j/k That is a fine looking roof. If more people did work like that, I wouldn’t have a job. Luckily for me, I don’t have to worry about that. :mrgreen: You are certainly the exception, and not the rule when it comes to roofing. At least, based on what I’ve seen you post.

That roof looks great. Are you available.

Also, I tar papered all of the roof except for the last row, so I went out and got more tar paper for them. Do you believe they never put it down? So I spent all evening ripping the shingles off that they put right on the OSB in a rage of fury. They’ll have a fun moring tomorrow. This roofing crew HATES me and I don’t care. ha ha I just wish I could stay home from work and ride them all day.

The shingles that they laid today are better. still not perfect, but better. The reveals are looking much better. I’m also making them step flash all of the dormers.

I’ll just have to ride them until this is all done. I told them, any shinges with exposed nails are getting ripped out. Any shingles with scuff marks are getting ripped out. Anything I don’t like is coming back out.

He told me that the shingles weren’t straight because there is a 2" drop in the roof. I told him that I built the roof, and there IS NO DROP. I’d like to see him get 5/8" OSB to bend down 2" and back up to the next rafter. Good luck.

I told the owner that I’m not a contractor, and I’m not making a buck off of this. I built this addition with my wife, and I’ll be damed to let a bad roof job ruin our hard work because they want to get in and out. I don’t care if they walk off of the job.

BTW, I’m from Pittsburgh

You will see low nails on my jobs. The rows are straight the ridge peak is ran with a line as are all rakes and valleys. Quality is number one but you may still find a low nail or two per roof.

I second the notion, if you have no low nails you probably have too many high nails. With Landmarks I don’t cover up a shingle unless I have a minumal of 4 nails in the nail line.

anyone else care to comment?

I will agree with doug. I sometimes will drop a nail down a time or too. Shingles get scuffed in the heat from time to time. I think you are being a little hard on those guys but hey. Step flashing is a must.putting shingles on bare wood bad idea.

i agree that no step flashing and shingling to wood is bad practice.

The contractor sent up two of his best roofers to my job. They are much better than the original guys, pretty slow…but they do a nice job. The roofers were not happy with the other workers work on the roof. They sent those guys off of the job.

The new guys ripped the poorly installed shingles off, and replaced them. They put tar paper down on the bare wood, and step flashed my dormers. I’m happy now.

First guys were probably piecework subs, which do not ususally care about anything, or else they would be doing their own jobs.

well good for you jaymay,
and dennis ,
why dont you use lead boots on your stink pipes instead of a rubber collar?

rubber collars here in florida only last a couple a years before the rubber cracks and the collar leaks.

do the collars last longer were your at?
good lookin roof though.
looks like ya snaped 10 inch lines to get them that strait.


Here in MN the one piece boots are the norm. 15-20 years before they crack. I no longer use plastic plumbing vents which don’t last very long in MN.

Galvanized 2-3 in universal plumbing vent $4.60
Aluminum 2-3 in universal plumbing vent $5.40
Two piece old style 2in plumbing vent $19.99.

I just picked up three cases of the galvanized vents the other day. Now to find a couple cases of vent caps.

I’ve saved five hail damaged vent caps to show people the power of various hail. I get a wow from all people who see the Northfield, MN hail damage of this Summer.

I start with the marble size hail, then move to the golf ball ones, then the baseball, and finally the soft ball hail of Northfield.