Is this a problem?

Recently had my roof replaced. I have a few areas that concern me. The roofer tells me these will “seal” but it might take up to 2 months. In the Fl sun (Orlando) is that right? The problems are where the center of some shingles are lifting up (seems to be more of them now), they’re mainly on the east and south sides. Also one 2 of the ridges it appears to me that the caps are raising up, and then there’s the bubble on the north side (also a ripple looking one on the east side). Am I getting concerned for nothing?

lol, Here we go again…3rd pic is roof deck buckling from not being re-nailed…2nd pic is nail under driven,or nail that is not hitting solid wood,and the sun is pulling it out like a magnet.Caps should be laying flat,and sealed by now…

I concur…
question is.if it is a board deck, why wasn’t it re-sheeted?


I concur…
question is.if it is a board deck, why wasn’t it re-sheeted?[/quote]

So the caps not laying flat now is a problem? It is a board deck and they did renail everything and replaced 4 boards (at least thats what they told me and charged me for). I take it that means these are all problems even tho the roofer is telling me there’s nothing wrong? And yes, I checked his references and they were all happy campers.

How long has roof been done?

Thats a great question, kage. I am suprised the other posters had not asked this question before professionally slamming a roof that may well be two hours old. Until we know this, we cannot answer accurately. Until we inspect your roof, we cannot answer anything with any amount of cerrtainty.

Sometimes, when the ridge caps are single-layered and the architectural type shingles are used, you will get a small bit of “droop” from simply nailing properly. You MUST nail the caps precisely, and moving the nails to sink into the thicker areas of the underlying shingles is worse than having the droop.

The “bubble” in the 3rd pic may well be a slight buckle of the underlayment, and if this does not settle down after a month or so, I would call the roofer back and have him repair it. This is an easy fix.

The roof is 2 weeks old. They came out today, the bubble was a “nail pop” as were some of the ones that were raised in the middle. The guy also told me that he had to shave one shingle. He tells me the ridges caps are ok. Already noticed another one where the middle is raising (about 4 hours after he left).

What kind of craftsmanship warrantee did he give you?

5 years on workmanship. I should have mentioned that the guy that came to check and fix things was not one of the ones that did the install.

That is not uncommon.
If there are cosmetic problems with the roof that you want taken care of,call him again. Otherwise, if you are ok with how it looks, let it go and if it leaks call him.

[quote=“shangle nailer”]
That is not uncommon.

It would be here.

ditto nailer,
alot of your service men at bigger companys
just run around behind crews fixin screw ups.
just call them and tell them you have some
wood poping up and some shingles not layin down.
when they get there dont let them talk you into
not doin nothin. tell them to fix it.