Is this a roofing problem---

i have cols air coming out of hi-hats(recessed lights). no all but some;i can feel cold air.

yeah ussually you want cold air to blow into the house via a/c duct.

could have a broke open duct.
it happens.


where would the air duct be gweedo? the one that could be broken

Maybe your roofer got cold or it was raining and decided to sleep in your attic instead of on the roof or they decided to move the poker game inside and tripped over a duct.I would say a flashlight and a trip into the attic is in order.

The recessed lights should have insulation around them.
There also should be Ice & water shield on the roof deck above said lights.

“There also should be Ice & water shield on the roof deck above said lights.”

axiom, why? :?

[quote]“There also should be Ice & water shield on the roof deck above said lights.”

axiom, why? Confused[/quote]

The lights create a hot spot.
It can be a problem if the can lights are close to an exterior wall, this usually means they are close to the roof deck…
If the rafter vents are not placed over the can lights before insulating, the insulation will usually plug it up in that area and create a hot spot.
Not usually a problem, but can be…

So there is a slight possibility of creating an ice backup problem in that area.

I get it. :slight_smile:


Thats is funny brought a laugh to me. True so very true.

I’m with ya Ranch, after all he has put us through we need some pics…
I just bought a Nikon coolpix for $130 with a 1 gb memory card.
Can take lots of pics with that.

dont let the bullys here bother ya taser.
if you cant get a photo up dont worry there are people
here so good , they dont need photos.
oh, that would be me.

now you ask were would the duct be?
well it could be anywere, but i would start lookin around the place you feel it coming out.
if you dont see nothin then check the rest of the system.
good luck.


Gweedo, we don’t need a photo of the house to figure out where his duct is leaking.

We’d like a photo to get an idea of where the “odd guy” might be taking his siesta (of course I’m of the opinion that he’ll be rolling off the peak & end up taking a dirt nap).

still edgy.



if you have a vented attic like the shingle manufactures suggest for long life of their product then a recessed light is a hole in the insulation envelope. this can cause several problems.

heat loss and darfts are the ones you sound like you have . the heat rise to the attic can cause ice damns or condensation. condensation can lead to mold. drafts are just drafts they just suck.

they now make sealed lighting but having an insulation professional handle them may be your best bet.

do not just throw insulation over them this may be harmful in many ways

good luck

first off,you guys are all aces! very nice people and i’m not kidding. GWEEDO,you got ta be italian my brother !
anyway,i have no ice,as soon as it gets cold i get a draft coming from the hi hats in my kitchen and then about 30 feet away in my living room. not all but a select few. i am really scratching my head here. i had a few guys come out and take a look and they are confused as well.

Let me guess,your roofer decided to sleep in the attic but it was stuffy so he reversed the fan in the powervent to get some fresh air and turned the thermostat down so it would run continuous. :?

If anything it should be sucking air instead of blowing. :?
Unless your roofer really did sleep in the attic and reverse the fan in the powervent to get some fresh air.

Maybe it is sucking air and causing a draft .It would be an optical illusion because you can’t see air but you feel a draft and can’t tell exactly where its coming from.

Try caulking around your high hats and see if that elliminates your draft.Then you will know if the ridge vent was sucking air from your living quarters and doing the job it was intended to do.

Oh,meeting you was a complete.

i am italian.

have you been in the attic over the area in question?
is cold air blowin every where?