Is this closed-cut valley overlap correctly? more picture

Other closed up picture.

Took me a while to sit here and look at the cut, to the lace, to the cut. I don’t think it will leak. I have to say, 30yrs of roofing, I’ve never seen a valley cut, then laced in the middle, then cut up the rest. I’m not saying it’s wrong. Anyone who would have done this, has done it more than once, so it must work. I would make sure the shingles around the vent are sealed to the vent with some good roofing sealant. I never lace laminate shingles, because ARMA doesn’t approve it. Course, lots of things I do, work. They just might look weird.
I do a closed cut valley different than this one with a laminate. I’m good with it.

Thank you, Rooferama! Another question: is this kitchen vent good enough to prevent rain drive-in?

Should be fine. The reason they weaved the few odd coarses is because of the pipe (which isn’t really in the best location). I’ve done it many times myself. And yes that vent is normal and I see no reason for it to leak.