Is this closed-cut valley overlap correctly?

I am a home owner and has no knowledge about the roofing. A roof company has just completed replacing my roof. They haven’t cut the shingles all the way along the valley and the vent is very close to the center of valley (See pictures). My questions: are these shingles overlap correctly? Is it better overlap other way? Is it a potential leak problem in future? Thank you

Looks like they wove the valley adjacent to the poorly placed pipe boot. Not a horrible idea at all. I assume the pipe boot was already there which there was nothing the roof crew could do about that. Must have been a real moron that put it there originally.

Any time there is a pipe in a valley there will always be the potential of a leak. The way they wove the shingles looks good and probably the best way to shingle a really really poorly placed vent pipe. The only way to improve the situation, without a big plumbing project, would have to been to install a full height soldered copper pipe collar to elimiatet the possibility of the neoprene boot failing. In that scenario I would have wove the shingles the same way they did.

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Roofer did a fine job!


That looks good. They don’t cut the shingle because of the pipe boot.

Looks great to me.

Cast iron? pipe generally indicates it is an older home. Perhaps the gable was added on to the house sometime after it was built. Could be the reason the pipe is near the valley.

As long as the membrane required in the valley is in place…boot looks great.

Looks good assuming the proper membrane is applied underneath the shingles and there is a good row of tar underneath the top layer of Valley shingles(side the vents are on)