Is this daylight normal?

Hi all, scouring the net to find answers and found this forum. Just had my roof redone and I see daylight in areas where I haven’t before, so I was wondering if it is normal? (Removed old style vents and installed ridgevents. Would love some insight. Thanks in advance.

That is a bad gap between your siding and trim in your gables. That has been there the whole time and has nothing to do with your roof. Did you look in your attic before the roof was completed or only after?

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Thanks. Yes I’ve been in the attic before the roof and always check around for pests, leaks and filters for hvac units. I am 100% certain those gaps weren’t there prior.

Assuming that light you’re seeing is at your ridge, yes, that is normal and what ridge vent looks like from underneath. 2” of decking was ripped from both sides to create a 4” gap that is covered by 12” ridge vent.