Is this legit roofing?

I had roof replace in November. While I was doing! other work I got a better view of the roofing installation. These people cam highly recommended and had best warranty. Since don’t roofing it is hard for me to judge. From what I see roofing nails occasionally protruding out of or through drip edge. Architectural shingles where width varies. Some are no wider than 1/8 of an inch. Shingles seem to have seam exposed. Ridge vent comes to the edge of the roof. Most I see stop about a foot of so from the edge. Is the normal for actuarial shingles? Is this just shoddy work?

There is nothing wrong in that picture.


And the ridge vent goes to the end of the ridge line. ( for us)
For cosmetics only.
There is no ventilation purpose for the rake overhangs.

The only way the cosmetics would not look perfect going from end to end is if it is an old house and the ridge line is not straight and its ends are sticking up.
In these cases we use off-ridge vents
Or hold off from extending the ridge vent from end to end.

If you dont have a straight ridge-line,
Ridge-vent will accentuate and point it out.