Is this online rough estimator even close?

I’m starting a roofing company. I’d like to double check my estimates with Homewyse so I don’t loose my butt on the first job. Do these numbers look good? I got them from

Here it is for a single square

I would say that’s pretty high for my market. 440/sq their low estimate is a pretty good rate here for a 10/12.

Lord man, do you not own a calculator and know how to is it? I do not for the life of me understand why a “businessman” would want to use a program someone else out together to tell YOU what your costs are. You know what your material and labor are, figure up what your overhead is either by the sq, job, moon cycle or what ever. Add it up and put what you feel is a proper profit and give your bid. That program hasn’t got the foggiest idea what your cost in your area are, or what your competition is charging. I would suggest you take some biz classes or talk to someone in the industry that is actually successful to understand your actual cost. Just because someone knows how to install a quality roof does not make them s good businessman. That’s why this industry has a high failure rate.

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Thanks, Kpatt. Can you comment on the man hours. I’m not very familiar with that part. Any honest help would be great. Thanks.

Go to a supply house for shingles and ask the counter guys there about sub crews. The counter guys are friends with a ton of them. Get some phone numbers and call and talk to them. Check out their work and good luck. Remember, you can loose your butt of roofing if you get the wrong crew doing your work. I starting roofing when I was 12 summers and weekends, Dad was 3rd generation roofer. Just pay attention to the details. Go to classes and training roofing changes. Prices change. Labor rates change. Stay on top of it. Good Luck

I think that’s really cool! Although roofing is still a somewhat old school industry it’s so important to find tools like this to help your potential customers get a quote and fast when they are looking for it.

Can you share a URL of the online calculator you are using?

Yeah, it’s homewyse.

I just started using roof snap it’s more for creating an estimate and measurements.
I don’t have enough historical data to put an hourly figure on different portions of the jobs so I’m just bidding by the square. In my area that’s seems to be $400 a square.

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