Is this reasonable?

ok – sorry - I am upset - I just bought this condo and 2 weeks later, they want to charge me $5,000.

I posted some pictures.

You have to scroll down and look at the pictures I posted. I’m trying to tell him that they nailed plywood over rotted plywood and where there was one sheet of plywood - there are now 2 sheets and that’s causing the gap - but since I know nothing…

And, they had one guy working on this roof for a week nailing in plywood and from one spot in the crawl space above my closet – I could see a lot of nails - just nailed into the boards. I didn’t post all the pictures. I just think that this isn’t a very good job. thanks – and sorry for being so wordy. – sharon

sharon ==Sharon and all,

The dry rot that is mentioned is at the edge of the existing sheathing, not a significant amount since new plywood is being installed. We did not want to replace an entire sheet of plywood for some minor damage at the edge; the sheet itself is in good condition. Any dryrot that is discovered and that we feel has to be replaced either for structural concerns or if it is dryrot that will compromise the roofing system then we have the contractor replace it but this also comes at an additional cost to the project. We are trying to keep the cost of the roofs to as close to the original contract amount that we can so minor decay at this location that will not compromise the roof system will not be replaced. If decay is found present that does compromise the roof system or the structure will be replaced.

The rake metal is short in some locations so we are having the contractor install a larger rake metal to cover the wall better. Most roofs typically will allow for the use of a 2"x4" edge metal at this rake location, however on your project the stucco never made it to the roof edge and was actually installed after the original roofing so we have to increase the edge metal size to cover this area. Our other option would be to remove more stucco and reinstall stucco to flush out at the roof edge. This stucco repair would increase the cost of the project and is not needed if we use the longer edge metal. The new edge metal will be installed and more than likely have to be used throughout the remainder of the project.

The stucco work is not complete yet. The stucco is known as a 3-coat system.
It consists of a scratch coat, brown coat, and finish coat. This process can take up to 45 days to complete. The stucco reinstallation is in process and will be completed as specified.

The gutters will be installed as soon as the material arrives. It has been ordered from the manufacturer and they have delayed the arrival to the contractor. At this time of the year the suppliers are quite busy and we did not want to delay the roofing for the gutters which can be installed after the roofing under the eave metal. We could not delay the project just to wait for gutters so we are having the contractor install a drip edge metal that the gutter crew can tuck the new gutter up under the edge metal.

The sags in the roof are a preexisting condition of the structure and not related to the roofing. It is a common issue through out the complex. There were two roofs in place that we removed that was causing a structural compromise. The sags are stable and will not increase. The new roofing weighs less than the preexisting roofs and we have installed new plywood sheathing to that will strengthen the structure and provide a solid substrate for the new underlayment and shingles. To remove the sags would require reframing of the roof structure which would increase the cost of the project dramatically.

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sharon, please sit down , take a deep breath and tell us again, what
the problem is.
in not so many words please.

sharon may need you picture upload advise.


The link works and she got crappy job just like she describes

from the pictures, I’d say they sold you more plywood than you needed, they should have spot sheathed, meaning cut out the rot and replace with sheathing… THEN, obviously the metal should have covered the stucco… if it’s anything like the stucco here in mass, water is going to absorb into whole wall and destroy it, not to mention all the bugs and mold it is going to create. Had they not sold you the unneeded plywood, you wouldnt have been sitting an inch above the stucco with the metal… something you didn’t mention that means something to me is… I wouldn’t have shingled that roof for a million bucks in the first place. Looks pretty flat to me, should have a flat roofing system in my opinion. Sorry you got a bad deal. We’re not all like that.

Sounds as if the seller didn’t disclose some pretty pertinent information as I’m sure the re-roofing was in play before your purchase. If that’s the case, I’d be talking to an attorney.