Is this right? Roof Installation and Gutter Helmet

Hey, just looking at another set of eyes on the roof that’s getting put in on our new house. Honestly just had a number of different issues with buying and fixing this house (not specific to the roofer) and trying to make sure I don’t have any others. I have two main questions:

  1. Roof installation, this is Certainteed Presidential IR, I don’t know that I have a specific issue with the way it looks, I see some photos online that seem to make it look more uniform, but by the same token for the ‘shake’ like look I appreciate the variation.

  2. Gutter Helmets - the roof previously had Gutter Helmets installed, we had some nasty winds roll through the front range (100mph) while the helmets were not fully attached and have now been damaged in some ways (hard to tell extent), not sure if this is something the roofer should have secured better (winds were forecasted >24hrs in advance), if this is a homeowner’s insurance issue, or if this is just ‘shit happens’


Other photos

Other photos

I would need to see the roof up close to say for sure but in those pics I don’t see any red flags with the shingle application itself. As for the gutter helmet i’d say it should have been secured better. The cost to remove and reinstall it should have been quoted into the job.


Thank you! Appreciate the feedback, I think especially for this type of shingle I didn’t know what pattern/lack of pattern there should be, so that’s really helpful for someone like myself that doesn’t know what they’re looking for. Here’s one more photo that’s a little closer in.

Regarding the gutter helmet, it’s on a flip-up bracket, so I think that’s why it wasn’t part of the quote.

There is not supposed to be a pattern. Presidential has a 5 and 15 inch offset in order to ensure it looks as random as possible, like a wood roof. Other copycats call their products more “user friendly “ and have standard 5” offsets which definitely show pattern. The only pattern you should see with Presidential is from a side angle and you have to be trying to look for it. We have installed acres of this, mostly on shake conversions, and it is a great shingle.


Fantastic- thanks so much!

During the tear off, they accidentally dropped some roofing trash onto the gutter helmet
Crushing it slightly while trying to throw it into their trash container
(Center of photo, above the bundle wrapper)
Not from high winds…
The shingles above it can be removed.
Then you can straighten back out that gutter helmet and make it look good again.
The roofer should have fixed that for you
Before he said he was done.

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Thanks- not sure if that was a bundle or what the wind did to them, if you look at the photo in my first reply on the left side you can see where one was torn off by the wind. Similar situation for all the helmets around the entire house.

Egr, i re-looked at photo
And noticed the gutter helmet damaged just above the center-line of where they were throwing the trash away.

I’ve done the same thing.
They should have pushed the dent out of the metal before they re-installed it
And then put the shingles on.

The starter shingle and first run of field shingle needs to come back off.
Take the gutter helmet off (approx four foot sections)
Just where it is attached above the evedrip.
No need to detach it from the gutter.
Push the dent back out while still attached to the gutter.
A rubber mallett pushed inside or the butt of a hammer.

I do see what you mean on the far left side
Where the last 4 foot section of gutter helmet was ripped off
Yes, that was from the very high wind.
That is probably where when the roofer was disassembling the gutter helmet, he first thought he needed to take it all the way off.
( away from the roof and away from the gutter)
And then realized he didnt need to.
( away from the gutter)
So that first edge piece was barely hanging on the gutter with only one screw, instead of 4.
It would have been fine if not for the high winds.

Edit… small, narrow section in the back,
I originally thought those were pushed down gutter splash guards,
I realize they are not,
Looks like the bottom of that section was complete during the storm
And the gutter helmet was ripped out from under the shingles during the storm.
Wow, those winds really were awesome.

If i was your roofer, i would fix the dent in the front, and purchase 3 pieces of gutter helmet
2 for that small back section and one for the far left front.

Looks like wind definitely did some damage.
It will take a some time to acquire the pieces and fix all this.
The roofer does deserve to be paid for it.
Just not for that dent in the middle on the first pic (above the trash container)
Because of dropped trash.
He needs to admit to that one.
I do see two other slightly dented areas to the left of that dropped trash dent.
These were Caused by their ladder.
Probally can be pushed back out without removing anything.

This material is aluminum so it only has the strength to maintain its own shape.
It is possible to climb A ladder against it and not damage it.
But it is easy to damage it also if not mindful of how soft it really is.
To estimate this roof or do a repair on it,
I wouldnt do anything special and not damage the gutter helmet.
But replacing the roof with my crew?
Where i would put my ladder
I would Put a towel over it, (to protect from scratches)
Then i would nail down some scrap plywood/OSB
Extending the bottom of the roof to lean the ladder against that instead.

If you want to be technical, high wind events that damage the roof, either during construction or any other time, are an insurable loss. If the damage is done during construction, that would typically fall under the contractors insurance.

Bottom line is whether the damage is from wind or something else the contractor should fix it, and he will either need to file a claim with his insurance or eat the cost.

edit: shingles look good, that style isn’t common here but that is a nice application