Is this Vent Installation on roof correct? I see sunlight & feel air

Hi, Is this vent installation correct. I have attached the pic below. I can see lots of light & flow of air. There is also a wire mesh. Please advice!

Do you see a flat metal thing in there that looks like it blocks the mesh?

That looks like a flapper vent and what you are seeing from that perspective would be normal.

Thanks Axiom! So the sunlight & air flow is normal for these kind of vents.

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Incorrect. Appears to be a bathroom exhaust insulated flex pipe pointed in the direction of a standard flat attic vent. Needs to be attached to a collar and proper vent hood that takes the warm/humid air directly out of the attic. Has potential to cause big problems especially in cold climates where the warm air not getting all the way out of the attic turns to frost on the underside of the roof deck and eventually melts and drips. Another option is to route the flex hose to an end wall and vent it out a proper hood without having an additional roof penetration.

Is that a fresh air vent to the AC? I see this in my area of Texas.