Issues after re-roof

We had our roof redone today due to storm damage. I took a few pictures of questionable items I had and wanted to get feedback on what is acceptable. I have in my contract “repair fascia as needed”, maybe I should have went into more detail but only 1 section of fascia was replaced and it was a poor attempt at that along with leaving stains all over the fascia of the house.

We we will be replacing soffit and painting once this is all squared away but I expected a much better job on the smaller details than what I am seeing. Any feedback is welcomed.

You have every right to be concerned. That is truly hideous detail work. It also looks like they reused the vent flashing. Hopefully you haven’t paid them yet.


The shingles need trimmed and sealed before they leak on the vent flashing. Must have had DTs when he was sealing the wall flashing.

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I have not paid anything yet. I sent pictures to the owner and he said it will be addressed and fixed. I will try and get more pics today if I get home in time to see if anyone thinks there are other issues to address.

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You’re missing a kickout flashing on that roof to wall.

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Kick out flashing isnt needed in brick, only on flashings behind siding or stucco because it cant get out from behind the siding.

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So you are assuming behind the brick is a gap that allows water to drain? What if it was installed improperly? Wouldn’t it be safer to keep water away from brick just in case the wall was not properly installed?

If your state has a contractor registrar, you should reach out to them. These offices tend to offer more services than most people know about. If there isn’t one, I would reach out to the local code enforcement officer.

Umm…Why would I care what is behind the brick? Just for kicks and giggles, there is a 5" brick ledge with weep holes for sweating and for migration of water through the mortar. That leaves a 2" air space for moisture, all the way to the slab. This has nothing to do with a “Kick out flashing”

What if it was installed improperly? Wouldn’t it be safer to keep water away from brick just in case the wall was not properly installed

Are you talking about the Brick mason? The flashing here, like every brick wall has some sort of “L” flashing or maybe a counter. A kickout flashing wouldn’t be called for by an inspector, because the water isn’t directed behind the brick. With your statement, we would have to water proof all the brick on a home. If you like to put a divertor at the bottom of flashing on brick, knock yourself out. It serves no purpose. You might keep some mildew from growing on the wall…maybe.

I’m not here to beat you up or argue a point that is pretty straight forward. The brick wall in this picture, has either “L” flashing, Counter, step flashing, I can’t tell. It looks like an elementary school class took turns caulking it, but that doesn’t have anything to do with my reply. This client, seems to have some issues, but throwing something out there that has no merit, serves no purpose to them, or the contractor that did the job.

Remember, on this board, we don’t really know anything more than what we are told. We don’t know what the contract included, what conditions these roofers were working under. We are getting one side of the story. That’s all we can look at.

…my head hurts…Maybe the smell of wet bundles, locked in the back of this box truck all weekend will smell really good when I stop and roll up the back door…Where’s the Calgon for men…Whataburger?..kickout flashing…crimeny…


All i see to be directly concerned about is the particle board fascia board.


So you would accept that horrible fascia work and disgusting caulking on chimney flashing? Would you want to pay for that on your house? Ouch

Who are you talking to?
I said i had a problem with the fascia!
And you say i say i dont have a problem with the fascia???
Tileman, you are one annoying MFr.

It would be best if you had that eve fascia covered with Vinyl. It really needs it.
I would use screws.

“All I see to be directly concerned about is the particle board fascia”. No worries about giant gaps in fascia board, no waterway around vent pipe, grotesque caulking on brick, etc. I can’t continue to draw pictures for you on this stuff. I thought you were better than that. You continue to stick up for roofers who do shitty work.

And thank you for the compliment. I want to be annoying to contractors in my trade who don’t recognize garbage work. I have the utmost respect for good solid roofers who represent our trade properly. I despise those who don’t.

No waterway around vent pipe.
There is another thing you are wrong about.
That may or may not work.
That method doesnt always work.
I dont leave that up to chance.
Nor would our stricter codes allow for it.
Our flashing is sealed with Roofing Tar.
Under,it, over it and in between the shingles too.

And most counter flashing sealant jobs are not pretty.
The sealant application doesnt look like bathroom remodel caulking job.
The sealant needs to be tooled in.
The caulking is not applied in a straight smooth line.
It is massaged in to get all the air bubbles out and to make it stick.
I agree it is sloppy.
Would i reccomend the home owner have it ripped out and re-done? No.
Would i post this as quality work i have done?
Sorry i didnt criticize this roofers work enough for you.

Come on now! That is garbage work and if you don’t know it you should. “Massaged in to get the air bubbles out and make it stick”? Did they massage it into the nail hole shown in the picture?
What about the glob at the joint that is most likely blocking water? Pay attention and quit sticking up for bad work!

Oh i am paying attention to all your antics.
You only see the low lying fruit.
Who couldnt see the glob where the caulking gun over shot on the flashing fastener?
Worth bringing up?
To easy to resolve if bothersome.

Did you notice that the flashing was unpainted
They painted it after it was installed and accidentally got paint on the siding?
That is more offensive to me.
But you didnt see that because you surely would have brought it up to bolster your horrible work argument.
Like i said
Low lying fruit…

New construction roofers get all their flashing covered by siding so i understand its difficult to understand what you are looking at.