It Was a Bad Day All Around

Here’s an interesting event… … 19792/1694

Had materials delivered to the wrong address several times over the years but fortunately, always caught it before any work started!

Mother’s day 2008 we had a serious tornado. Wrecked our office, but on the plus side we had all the work we could do for a while, all within half a mile!

The house next door to our office got roofed by mistake. The roof crew even got a citation for no WC insurance. To the roofers credit, he even came back later and fixed a leak.

A crew from our company a few years ago tore off the back side of the wrong house and started shingling it when the HO came home and told them they were to do the neighbors house. She thanked my boss for the new half roof and went on with her day lol.

This is what happens when you use txt msging as your communication base…

That’s why you should always send your crew with a work order with pics. Your estimator should have snapped these pics when he checked the job out.

Where was the sales person/rep when the crew arrived?

Any contractor who allows subs to start work without the rep meeting them at the property to walk them thru the work is a fool.

I would expect that contractor will have numerous other issues as well, since if they dont at least do the above, no telling what other “details” they fail
to take care of.


That happened one time in my 30 years of roofing. One of my suppliers delivered to the wrong house and the sub tore about half the roof off before realizing the scope of work on the work order did not match up with the house they were tearing off.

A neighbor called the cops and the home owner who was out of town on vacation. I spoke with the homeowner on the police officers phone. She agreed to the type and color of material that was at the site. We never left the property and put a new roof on the entire home. My supplier furnished the materials at no charge and I paid for the labor out of pocket.

To add insult to injury, it turned out to be my Yellow Page Rep’s house! :lol: