Join my roofing thread please

As some of you know, I’m a huge supporter of Mike Rowe and his mission to keep the trades alive. I’m the only “roofer” on the site and some may know that I’m just a roofers wife. I’m trying to represent us and I’m doing it poorly. :frowning:

Please follow this link and help contribute to this thread with any knowledge and helpful tips you can. … php?t=1786

Come on roofers! Let’s show them what we’ve got!



I read the thread. Home page doesn’t load for me. Must be flash or some other junk. Oh well. :shock:

Yeah, splash page can do that sometimes I guess. Just sign up and post or browse around. It’s a great tradesman’s website.


Sorry Sal, I was also unable to sign up.

sorry sal its hard to keep up with this place.


I understand gweedo.